Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Book Manuscript

  • Foreign Direct Investment and the Politics of Autocratic Survival.

Manuscripts and Work in Progress

  • Foreign Direct Investment and Political Preferences in Non-Democratic Regimes
  • Societal Groups and Foreign Direct Investment Liberalization in Autocratic Regimes
  • Local Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Inequality and Growth in Developing Countries (with Luca Messerschmidt, Tabea Palmtag)
  • Beyond Economic Development? Foreign Direct Investment and Election Violence (with Tabea Palmtag, Katrin Paula)
  • The Economic Costs of Revolution (with Daniel Bischof)
  • ‘Nothing’ is Not a Control Group: On the Need for Placebo Comparisons in Political Science Survey Experiments (with Lukas Haffert, Raphael Reinke, Tim Büthe)
  • The Spread of International Antitrust Agreements (with Tim Büthe)

Other Publications

  • Misremembering Weimar: Unpacking the Historical Roots of Germany’s Monetary Policy Discourse (with Lukas HaffertNils Redeker), Jacques Delors Institute Policy Paper Series, 2019, November 1. [paper in English or German]
  • Erfahrungsbericht: Politische Regime und ausländische Direktinvestitionen, In: Hildebrandt, Achim, Sebastian Jäckle, Frieder Wolf, and Andreas Heindl (eds.), Methodologie, Methoden, Forschungsdesign. Ein Lehrbuch für fortgeschrittene Studierende der Politikwissenschaft, 2015, Wiesbaden, Springer, 133-137.