Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • The Electoral Consequences of Offshoring. How the Globalization of Production Shapes Party Preferences (with Stefanie Walter), 2018, Comparative Political Studies, 2018, 51 (5), 621-658. [journal] [pdf] [appendix]
  • First Impressions: How Leader Changes Affect Bilateral Aid (with Paul Schaudt), Journal of Public Economics, 2020, 185 (5), 1-12. [journal] [pdf] [appendix]
  • International Trade and Public Protest: Evidence from Russian Regions (with Tabea Palmtag and Stefanie Walter), International Studies Quarterly, 2020, 64 (4), 939-955. [journal] [pdf] [appendix]

Other Publications

  • Misremembering Weimar: Unpacking the Historical Roots of Germany’s Monetary Policy Discourse (with Lukas Haffert and Nils Redeker), Jacques Delors Institute Policy Paper, 2019, November 1. [pdf in English or German]
  • Erfahrungsbericht: Politische Regime und ausländische Direktinvestitionen, In: Hildebrandt, Achim, Sebastian Jäckle, Frieder Wolf, and Andreas Heindl (eds.), Methodologie, Methoden, Forschungsdesign. Ein Lehrbuch für fortgeschrittene Studierende der Politikwissenschaft, 2015, Wiesbaden, Springer, 133-137.